Viewing your Eyejots on your new iPhone is easy!

Simply type into your iPhone Safari browser address bar and log in to access your inbox and view Eyejot messages.

Don't have an iPhone yet, but curious what Eyejot Mobile looks like on the iPhone?

It's easy - log into your Eyejot account via the demo to the left . (Note: This demo works best when viewed with Safari 3 beta (free download) which is presumed to be the closest version to the iPhone's Safari browser. This demo will not run in Windows IE and has limited functionality in Firefox.) And, to be perfectly honest, we don't even know if it will run on the iPhone. We don't have one yet! But, we're planning on making this look & feel a standard part of our mobile offering. So, expect to see Eyejot Mobile on multiple devices.

If you don't have an Eyejot account you can still try the demo. Just enter in iphonedemo for the username and the password. We've created a few sample messages for you to view.

To create your own Eyejot account, right now, click here.

Other iPhone Mini-sites

iPhone tailored "mini-sites" are appearing more and more each day. We have listed a few notable ones below for you to try out here. If you wish to return to Eyejot Mobile at any time, Click here

iPhone Apps Manager - Submit an iPhone site.
iPhoneDigg - The original Digg on your iPhone
iPhoneChat - iChat on your iPhone - Find local gas prices.
OneTrip - Compile your shopping list!

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Special thanks to David Cann for the original iPhone image and template!

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